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Civic Center Drive-in Graduation Ceremony - May 29, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

Welcome to the Drive-in Virtual Graduation ceremony at the San Saba Civic center.

We know that the live experience at Rogan Field is limited because of COVID 19 regulations so we are pleased to offer this alternative experience. Graduation is more than just a celebration for our students it is a celebration for the parents and extended family members and friends that have had an influence in the success of the graduate. So, let’s celebrate. Here are the guidelines for 8pm Friday May 29th Class of 2020 Civic Center Drive in Event.

The Big screen will be on the East side of the Civic Center facing the track. The back entrance via Mound Street will be blocked off and entrance to the event will be via the Mill pond road off of 190. Please do not attempt to arrive before 6pm because the road will be barricaded at the softball fields. At 6pm we will allow cars to enter and you will be directed how to park your vehicle to view the screen. Parking will be tight so once your vehicle is parked you most likely will not be able to exit the park. The restrooms will be available.

Social distancing is mandated, and we ask that family units stay at their vehicles or 6 feet away from other individuals. You are more than welcome to tailgate in the bed of your pickup with lawn chairs and food. Please no alcohol and local law enforcement will be at the event. Have fun and be responsible. 

There will be some space on the grass behind the bleachers at the track where you can sit or bring lawn chairs. Again, please observe social distancing.

Viewing the screen may be diminished right at 8 pm if there is no cloud cover but it will get better as it gets darker. 

Listening options. If you are at the civic center you can listen on an FM station (yet to be determined) in your car that will broadcast what the outside speakers are projecting. KNUZ 106.1 will be broadcasting the event live just as they would a ball game and you can listen from home and avoid the crowds. 

At the end of graduation, the police will direct vehicles at two exit points. Everyone please be safe, have a good time and Go Dillos!

Wayne Kelly