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Registration - Documents 2021-2022 » New Student Enrollment Online Instruction

New Student Enrollment Online Instruction


If the student was enrolled at any San Saba ISD campus at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, they are considered a returning student and do not need to complete the New Student Enrollment.

New enrolling students: access the Parent Portal.

If you do not have an existing parent portal account, click “Create Account”.
If you already have a parent portal account, login and click the drop down on the top right, choose My Account and click “Enroll a New Student”. Skip to Step 1 - Student Name.

Create your User Name as directed (Ex. ABC555). Create your Password as directed (Ex. aBc1235). Enter your Email Address. Click Next.
Choose a Hint Question, type your answer and click Next. Click Finish.
Verification Code: check your email and click the link to verify your email address.
From the My Account page, click on the “Enroll a New Student” link.

Step 1 - Student Name: enter your student’s first, middle, and last name. Click Continue.

Step 2 - Express Enrollment: type the letters you see above the box. Click Continue, then Continue again.

Step 3 - Addresses and Contacts:
Family Addresses - click Add Address. A pop-up will appear. Type in all of the information - using drop down menus when prompted. Click Save.
Family Contacts - click Add Contact. A pop-up will appear. Type in all of the necessary contact information, using drop down menus when prompted.

Required fields: Name, Relation, Emergency Contact, Address, Phone and/or Cell Phone, Email if available, Military if applicable, and Right to Transport.

Click Save. Click Continue.

Step 4 - Student Information: Click Add/Edit Info to enter your student’s demographic information. Use the dropdown menu to select an address for this student. Check the boxes to select all contacts (this will associate the contacts with the student in our system). Of those selected as contacts, select Primary Contact for the one who is the student’s primary contact. Complete the demographic information.

Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Sex, and Ethnicity - you must select NO for all that do not apply on Ethnicity.
All new enrolling students require the following documentation to be either uploaded or submitted to the campus: Proof of Residency, parent/guardian Drivers License, student’s birth certificate, immunization records. PK must also provide Income documentation for approval.

If a field contains the Document button, you can click the button to upload a file. Click Save and Continue.

Step 5 - Standard Enrollment Forms: Complete the standard enrollment forms that are available for online submission. Click Enroll Student.

Step 6 - Final Steps: Click Add Another Student if you need to enroll another student, and repeat the process from Step 1. Enrollment Confirmation: All students are listed whom you have successfully submitted to the district for enrollment, or are in the process of enrolling. 

Receive a ParentPortal ID: Once the district or campus has completed/approved your student’s enrollment, the campus will issue you a ParentPortal ID for each student you successfully enrolled. You can use the portal ID to add the student to your account.

If you have additional questions about this process, please email the campus secretaries at (they will respond during their campus summer schedule):