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HS Art

Course: Art I (ART 1) 5001
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: None
Grade Level: 9-12
Course Description: The basic elements of art and principles of design as well as historical and cultural relevance are introduced in this course. Students will be exposed to a variety of media in the areas of drawing (pencil, pen and ink and pastels), painting (watercolor and acrylic) and expierment with mixed mediums. 
Course: Art II,III,IV (ARTII,ARTIII, ARTIV) 5002, 5003, 5004
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: Art I
Grade Level: 10-12
Course Description: For the more advanced students drawing becomes less structured and more expressive, creative and imaginative. The student shall be provided opportunities to examine a variety of objects, explore elements and apply principles. The student shall be provided opportunities to be inventive and imaginative with expression through art materials and tools. Students will design, develop and create original artworks and select from various art areas.

Course: Pre-AP Studio
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: A minimum of Art I is required for this rigorous course.
Grade Level: 10-12
Course Description: Pre-AP Studio Art is a full year course designed as the pre-requisite to AP Studio. This rigorous course requires a strong commitment from highly motivated students. Students will expand 2-D design skills to advance visual communication ability by exploring a variety of design processes and techniques, as well as compositional and aesthetic concepts.  The course allows students to create diverse design projects to be used in AP Studio Art.