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High School Spanish

Spanish Courses
Course: Spanish I (SPAN 1) 1030
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: None
Grade Level: 10-12
Course Description: Students will be taught the fundamentals of spoken and written Spanish and will be able to answer questions appropriate at this level. Students will have a general knowledge of aspects of Spanish-American life.
Course: Spanish II (SPAN 2) 1035
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: Spanish I
Grade Level: 10-12
Course Description: Upon completion of the course, students will have mastered the fundamental skills included in this second year course. They will be able to use the verb tenses and grammatical structures of the language with reasonable proficiency. They will be able to speak, read and write the language with accuracy and fluency appropriate to this level. They will have acquired a general knowledge of Hispanic traditions, customs and culture.

Course: Honors Spanish III (SPAN 3) (Dual Credit) 1040, 1041
Credit: 1
Pre-requisite: Spanish II
Grade Level: 10-12
Couse Description: A sequential program including listening, speaking, reading, writing, exploration of the Spanish culture, and linguistic study. Students will demonstrate knowledge in writing essential messages and in the communication of everyday situations. Students will learn how a language operates and skills that result in the application of the language learning process to the study of other languages. This course meets the requirements for Spanish 1411 and Spanish 1412 at the college level. Students will receive 8 credits.